Sunday, January 29, 2012

updated mantel - moss edition

One time I read that Ashley Olsen's favorite flower/plant was moss, and I totally understand now. It has taken over the house this year.

Here's a little vignette I'm adoring right now... Most of these supplies are from Hobby Lobby, (thanks to Blake's Mimi - for my birthday I received a gift card, and it's been supplying me with things to do for a whole month now!)
I painted that box (from HL) picked up that metal stand (from HL) and purchased that glass bowl (from HL) for my first and very beginner terrarium.
Succulent from Home Depot.
Moss in mason jars - what could be better??
maybe, moss in a glass hurricane, plus candle?? oh, it's getting out of hand.
I've had that poster "Theatre du Chat Noir" since college, for some reason I can't get rid of it. It's black and I don't have black anywhere in the house, but I just like it so much! good purchase college Lauren!

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