Sunday, January 29, 2012

simple spring wreath

I'm probably a little early for spring decorating, but I think this addition is OK. Ever since the winter wreath came down, the door/porch has been seeming a little lack luster.

I started with bag of moss - half off a hobby lobby right now!!
then, a craft wood letter "J" painted with the 87 cent Acrylic white paint
start hot glueing moss to a styrofoam loop. (this is SUPER messy - maybe do outside if you can)
I've been a little too into MOSS this month (see next post, also). It is just so easy and earthy.
(side note - I cannot WAIT until we own a house. I cannot tell you how hard it is to deal with rust red and olive green every day. Sometimes I like to picture this porch stuff on a long, dark stained, reclaimed wood porch with a big bright white door and huge windows, maybe a swing next to our adirondack chairs - where there's no red or green to be seen! and no off-centered windows on the door, either!)

until then...

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