Tuesday, January 10, 2012

weekend outings

frisbee golf, or was it disc golf? either way it was a new adventure for me, and I'll admit, it was really fun (I have some reservations/nightmares when it comes to frisbees, I guess you could trace it back to the beginning of college when I first met Blake and he threw a frisbee at me and gave me a black eye - hard to move past something like that).

Mitchells + Johnsons = one fun time.
my disc had a viper on it. If you couldn't tell from my most venomous fang looking smile + hand signal...
Man/Disc down. The water doesn't look that bad from my little Hipstamatic print, but trust me, it was nastaaay. Chris went swimmin' for it, and successfully pulled it back to land!
You meet some interesting people at the disc golf course. Some folks came with back packs FULL of like 30 different discs. One day I'll get to that point, I can only hope..

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